Finding my way


Writing is usually the best way for me to express myself, but why am I having such a hard time writing this? I am of mother of two spoiled, amazing, and spoiled children. Yes, I know I said spoiled twice. Lol. Although, I’m posting here as a writer, I’m not quite 40. I am working on the “fabulous” part though.

Anywho, I grew up an Army brat and later down the line married into the military. I lived in Munich, Germany, Washington (not D.C) and Louisiana; why is it that every time I tell someone I lived in Washington they automatically assume D.C.?

My daughter Bri, age 7, is such a sweetheart, but at times her attitude is off the charts. I’ll take partial blame for that. She still plays with dolls and has imaginary friends. My son Jay, age 5, is a mama’s boy. He has Down syndrome; I’ll talk more about it later. He loves music and most Disney movies. My kids are my everything and also a pain in my ass (yea, I said it), but I wouldn’t trade them in for the world.

I’ve been divorced 2years and 9 months and I’ve been stuck in a rut since. Shit could be worse, but I won’t complain. Wait, did I just actually complain? I’d love more than anything to be a working mom, but they way my support system is set up it’s going to take a while. I’m still finding my way in this thing called life.