It’s now been two whole weeks

AND I am looking better in my clothes already!!! Yassssss!

I had the appointment, the ultrasonic massage and a few days to recover from that! I said it was quite painful. The one thing I may have mentioned that I did not was how lumpy I am. Which is a pretty normal occurrence when having liposuction… but it seems as though all of the videos I watched on YouTube didn’t discuss that part. So, I will. After lipo, depending on the aggressiveness, you can and will develop lumps that feel like tumors. It’s just the inner tissue healing and reattaching to your hypodermic layer. They don’t hurt, but they can be tender. The solution just like in any kind of physical therapy that one may have when there is tearing of the tissue is massaging. Rough massaging. This is to break up the tissue as much as possible. This is that that 7 minute ultrasound is supposed to do. Have you ever had a baby and the nurse came to massage your uterus like she wanted to commit murder? It’s something like that. But you just grin and bear that shit.

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And tell her, “Yes, I will do this three times daily.”Just like you told them you’d stay off sugar yet was gifted a Caramel Apple Spice that morning.


I think I counted maybe five lumps…. I’ll massage them. I swear. 

In the meantime, my progress pics!



  1. Renee says:

    Looking good! I’m all for doing what makes you fell good for you.

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