“If I read this, and I didn’t know you, I probably wouldn’t want to be your friend.”

Let me preface this post and tell you that it refers back to this.

So, when he told me this, I had the exact face that Evelyn has up there. The exact one. Playa, wha!?!?!?!?! (I really didn’t use the word playa, but for blogging purposes…yea.)

Well, if I were just reading this, I would think you were like untrustworthy or a little on the crazy side.

My response – First-of-effing all…. I am a little on the crazy side. I said that! I am my mother’s offspring. HELLO! Sec-ond-lee, untrustworthy? Did you, or did you not read everything I wrote when I said that I know things about people that I have never told a soul. Things other people told me about others that I have never repeated.

If you ask me for some advice on some serious life changing, I don’t want people to know type shit… I’ll help you. It may not be monetarily… but I will help you move in silence. I admit, my filter is a little missing, so some of the time it comes off as harsh, but friends don’t blow smoke up their friend’s ass trying to be nice. Friends tell you what you may not wanna hear, but what you need to. Now, I may flake out on plans or something when I am not feeling it at the moment (another blog for another day)…. but I am never untrustworthy. I won’t steal from you. I won’t kill you (or have you killed)… I mean, there have been a few that I wanted offed, but as I said before in my previous post: temporary rage… and I am getting cuter and I don’t like T&A… and I don’t ever want to have to talk to my son through glass. That said… If you kill someone and call me…. I will come over…. I’m not saying I will help you hide the body or anything….But, I do watch enough Detective Kenda, Law & Order, and Snapped to know where fatal mistakes are made…. so this had better be some well thought out shit, because….. I. AM. NOT. GOING. TO. JAIL. And I’mma leave that at that…. run with it how you wish. I’m not going to lie to you make you feel better. You know, the same treatment I want from other people. Now when I say other people, I mean ALL people. Friends and associates alike.

Image result for looks off to side gifAssociates – I will not help you with the body shit though… You’re on your own on all that. And I will definitely not do any type of anything for you… So, in an instance this happens and you call me…. Expect to hear sirens before we even hang up.

All that said. I am, IMO, a good friend…. although, I am not friends with everybody, nor do I try to be. 

And then there are those that are friends for life that….

Image result for hoodrat shit with my friends

You can say anything about me… Well, not anything because previous post, but whatever you think you can get away with…. but you can never say I am untrustworthy… unless you’re an associate…. and you kill someone…and you tell me… because, you will rot in jail.