I spoke about him in passing, now it’s time for you to meet him…

KROIX! The light of my life.

Before I even begin to blog about him, let me do a FAQ because I know there are questions.

  • How is his name pronounced? It’s Kroix – like Americans pronounce St Croix – K.R.O.Y. – Think Roy with a K in front.
  • Where did the name come from? Long story short – I was pregnant, I knew it was a boy at 13 weeks thanks to the Harmony test. My sister and Debra had been throwing out names left and right that began with the letter K since both me and dad have K names and so did our children. Kendrick…. meh… I like it, but there is one problem with that. Kamilah’s dad is Rick, and his dad is Ken… so it looks like a mesh of both names and that just seemed weird. They kept throwing out Kroy. I didn’t like it, plus the only place I had heard of it was on The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Kroy Bierman)… again, weird. Couldn’t really think of names that stuck with me. I was in a rut. One night Ken said to me Kross. Yes, Kross. Imagine the look on my face. I said no and left it alone. Maybe a few weeks later something told me to look up the French meaning of Croix. Guess what. It means……. CROSS! AND it sounds like Kroy (to us, Americans). Two birds. One Stone. So, I didn’t name him the three of them did. I just did the spelling. Kroy + Kross = Kroix. 
  • That’s unique, are there more children with this name? Yes, according to the SSA. There are atleast 10 of them the last time I checked. I even found a few on Instagram. Look up #Kroix #Kroixboy and search on Youtube. Same spelling and all.
  • How old is he? As of today, He is 3. Not 39 months, but 3. He’s 3.
  • Is he in school? Not yet. My mother retired to take care of him and she homeschools him right now, but he will be attending school soon. He’s known his alphabet for over a year. He can count. And talks about octagons and other complicated shapes. Everyone says he’s very advanced.
  • Are you going to cut his hair? Before he turned 1, I couldn’t wait to cut it…. but I love his fro. LOVE!
  • Are those dimples? Yes, yes they are. 
  • Does he have a nickname? He has several – Boodles, A Boy Named Kroix, Bootyhead, Koi, and KroixKroix being the most popular. 


Things he loves:

  • Bowling (both 1 and 2 handed)
  • ANY & EVERYTHING Jason Belmonte
  • YouTube
  • Grandma’s iPad
  • Uncle Bigman
  • Pah-pah
  • Bowling
  • Michael Tang
  • Talking
  • Motorcycles
  • Did I mention bowling… in my hallway?

While he’s the light of my life, he also causes me a little stress and I want to karate chop him from time to time… because 3. 

He just joined a bowling league on Saturday mornings so we’ll see how this turns out. He literally eat, sleep, and drinks bowling. I hope he keeps at it and bowls into some money, because he needs a J.O.B.


In the meantime…. check him out throughout the years:









  1. Rick says:

    Awesome story! I recall the name dilemma.. I can’t imagine his name anything other than Kroix. 🙂

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