But, my life is so boring. I wouldn’t know what to say.

The hardest part of any task ever is getting started. At least for me it is. Many times, it just seems overwhelming and you just don’t know how. I’m there some days…. with writing… every day with things that really matter like cleaning and folding laundry. I mean, we have devices that do everything…. like we can send people to outer space… know the distance from Earth to the sun…. but no simple useful ish like a dryer that dries and folds ya damn laundry…. We have washers that can wash several loads at one ufkcing time, but still nothing that will fold them? Y’all developers are focused on the wrong things. Do you all know how much money that would make? Like, I would refi my condo, pull money out…. to buy that shit. I really would. Y’all don’t get it. Anyway, I have a PackNPlay in my room. It used to be full of toys, but now it’s full of clothes. Clean clothes. When I wash, to keep from folding, I throw clothes in there. I dig through there daily for something to wear. When I tried to fold out of there on my own, I would just stop. Zero motivation. It was too overwhelming to do.  Recently, I decided to get rid of that thing. But how? Every time I wash, I fold clothes right out of the dryer and I take a small pile or two out of the PNP and fold and hang for an hour while watching trash TV. Eventually, the PNP will be void of all clothes, and maybe I can throw his toys in there or just get rid of the damn thing completely. Doing it this way keeps it from filling even more and it forces me to start to get things out of there. 

Another story – I remember when I first started driving and my mother let me see her car. Here’s the catch…. she had to bowl that day. Now… at the time, my friends, Pam, Debra, and myself… we went god knows where…. and next thing you knew it was 5:55. Bowling started at 7. And if you know my mother, you know that if you’re half hour early, you’re late. So, picture this… We are by Sox Park on 35th and the Dan Ryan….

And we needed to make it to Auburn- Gresham….. 45 minutes ago. I had never driven on the Dan Ryan before. EVER. This was pre cellphone days, so she had no way to call me and curse me the ufck out, thank goodness. We all looked at each other with The Look…. and I braced myself. Down that ramp we went….I put that pedal to the metal, merged and got us to where we needed to be in under 15 minutes and parallel parked faster than ever. I wasn’t good at that either, but I made it do what it do! She came out the house with her bags and my dad behind her and said 13 words: “Where were you? I’m going to fuck you up when I get back.” She never had a clue, nor did I get in trouble later. She just didn’t let me see her car before bowling anymore… Which didn’t matter anyway because Pam got one shortly thereafter. Plus look at me now… I hate street driving. I love the eway! LOVE!

I get FB messages from the others saying –

  • My life is boring. I wouldn’t know what to say. (It ain’t. You’re just used to your schedule so it seems that way. I chose you for a reason.)
  • You write so well, I wish I could…. (I admit, I have a way with words, but once you have a topic or an idea…. just start writing. I edit these. A LOT!)
  • I’m in a rut. (Aren’t we all. That’s the purpose of this blog, to get out of that muddersucker.)
  • I can’t think of anything. (You can. It’s the very little things that can send you off into a tangent that can turn into a post.)

I’m the queen of killing two birds with one stone…. I bet you didn’t even notice how, I told y’all how to do something, without actually telling you how to do something…. all while throwing a story in there and making a post that related to the message I was trying to relay. You gotta be in it to win it…. If you don’t play… well…. To make it even simpler – Just do it! What’s the worse that can happen?



  1. Gino says:

    Ur so ryt! That used to b the story of my life! I love this post! I’m super inspired as I’m sure others are. Just make it happen… What’s the worst that could happen? It just may work?? Won’t know if u don’t try tho.. I’m super proud of u lady!!! And yup, Love that story too! Lol. I can just picture your mother saying every last word and especially her tone and pitch while saying em 😂😂

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