These are going to be the death of me…..

  1. Do you not see those? In case you’re unsure what they are, they are garlic Aioli fries. I had them for the first time in Houston and again at the Sugar Factory in Vegas. Did I even mention the amount of fries I ate this past weekend? I didn’t? Ok, I’m a bit ashamed. Although with the exception of the one drink I had I drank only water. Water! W.A.T.E.R. What a sad life…. but was what I wanted. I’m sure that’s why I was 136 last week and 141 at this last massage. I will say that because I am still a woman, some of it is coming from water retention and bloating….I’m not doing too great food-wise this week either. Damn hormones. I’m also happy to report that when I weighed myself this evening I was 138….

It’s been 5 whole weeks now and I am still pretty happy regarding my decision. The lumps are still subsiding as well as swelling. I can’t wait to see what I look like next Friday….