And just like that it clicked….

Everything and everyone doesn’t deserve a response….

I remember being younger and going back and forth with people and always having to have the last word? Why? Did it make me feel like I won? Probably not. It was just to say I had the last word.

As an adult and having my mother for a mother, I realized, over time, that some things you really can just shut the fuck up. You really can. Try it. There have been plenty of times where my mother and I have been in dialog and I have just walked away got my things and went home. Let her cool  down and do the same myself. No, you won’t seem like you won to to the other person, but to yourself and smart people, you’ll come out on top. Some people will go on and on and on…. There are battles to fight, and hills to die on… but in that very same token, there are times to just shut up and walk the fuck away.

It may be because you are on the verge of snapping or even hurting someone… but all instances of conversation do not deserve a response from you. Some of the time, it’s best to just leave it alone. Some people like to argue and some like to shoot. And I live in Chicago, so yea. If you have to lie and “apologize” to keep the peace…. do it. I am not saying be passive, but for every action there is a reaction, and on occasion that reaction is NO ACTION. Don’t engage.

  • You never know what the other person is going through.
  • Words can be some of the strongest weapons against others.
  • There are people who are strong-willed and will argue with you until your/their last breath.
  • People who go back and forth usually are not even willing to entertain the other side of the coin and will hardly ever will admit when they are wrong.

Just do something productive and that benefits your well being. You do that, no matter the outcome of the situation… You won. Not because you got the last word, but because you didn’t give them the time of day to even get you heated.

Don’t get me wrong about this post… debates =/= arguments. Debates are fine, as long as it’s calculated and not heated. Remember, Kakuna, it’s chess… not checkers.