It’s been a long time coming but last night I saw… (and met)

Teedra Moses!

Yea, yea yea, I’m sure you’re thinking this right about now: Teedra? Teedra who?

Moses. Teedra. Moses.

So, I’ve been following this chick over 10 years now, and I have put a lot of people onto her music. I’m sure you’ve seen/heard of her before, and if you haven’t, you will right about now! Without writing her bio, because you know Google actually works and there is a thing called Wikipedia out there… Teedra is a musician. She’s a singer. She’s a song writer. And, if you’re an avid watcher of Insecure, you’ve heard one of her songs and didn’t even know it. Does the line “Get that bitch told tonight” ring any bells? She’s based out of California and is a frequent collaborator with Raphael Saadiq of Tony! Toni! Tone! fame. She IS Fabulous at 40 (until December anyway). She’s originally from New Orleans and has a set of  now adult twin boys with 90’s rapper Ras Kass. She’s written a few songs that are recognizable by others and the one that surprises people the most is this one:

Now, this wasn’t my first rodeo with Ms Teedra. It was my fourth. She comes to Chicago every few years to give shows at small intimate venues. Her previous shows took place at The Shrine in the South Loop. Since they closed a year or two ago, she had to find another place to have her live shows… and she did. This one was held at a newer establishment called the City Winery, which was nice, intimate, and a little more grown up than the Shrine. This time she even had an opening act, a Chicago based artist named Justin Ruff. I had never heard of him before, but I wouldn’t mind hearing him again. When he he came out with his live band my sister, Jazzmyne, turned to me and said, “We’ve graduated!” I mean, we kind of did. The venue was sit down with dinner, guys dressed Metrosexual, no saggin’ jeans, and everyone looked like they came there for the after work set.

Although she upgraded her venue, she did not upgrade her music selection. Which is a great thing as she sang all of the favorites from her 2004 album Complex Simplicity. Yes, 2004 album. I told you to Google. Now one thing about Tee is that when she sings, she talks and interacts with her audience AND she curses in both song and conversation. She’s going to keep it real with your ass –

See how this works is… I’m gon’ sing a song. I’m gon’ take a sip *drinks from wine glass*. I’mma sing another song… I’mma take another sip.

And she makes naan apology for who she is. Not a single one. See, Fabulous at 40!

She stayed out for about an hour, I am sure a little more. She even said “Goodnight” and “Thank you Chicago!” at the end of her 10 minute version of Be Your Girl at which point newer fans who’ve never experienced her got up and left. My sister and I stayed seated because… well, more on that shortly. Anyhow, true to form she brought her ass right back out and did yet another song. That’s why we ufcks with Tee!


A few pics:

So, as the show ended, we put on our things, Jazz bought some Teedra branded wine, and we headed upstairs… to the Meet & Greet/Album signing!

She came up and chatted and kicked it with us, and this happened:



Enough about that…. let me familiarize you all with a few of my Teedra faves:

And a live video from this year:


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