Yea, yea, yea, I took a week off

But, I did not forget about taking my weekly pictures since my lipo. I am doing pretty well. I have 2 more sessions of ultrasonic therapy left… still a little bruising, but according to Dr T, it can take 6 months to a year heal completely. I also saw a Dr about my umbilical hernia a few weeks back. It comes and goes and it not bothersome so surgery is not a needed thing at this point. Plus, I want more children so I decided to wait until that was totally not an option to have a repair done as stretching can totally undo the surgery. I did take pictures both last and this week, but I didn’t care for last weeks because I had misplaced yet another camera remote and the pics look…. meh. My starting weight prior to surgery was 144ish… My weight last week 133! This week I am 134. Anyhow, my progress.

Week 6:


Week 7:


And because someone named Kroix wanted to be in my pictures: