I have hobbies….

And one of them consist of pictures. It started some years back before I got a camera. I would see the perfect would be photos… then I got a camera. And suddenly I didn’t see them anymore. WTF! I got my camera around the time I got pregnant with my son and I started taking pictures of him. They were cute. At first. Then he began to move. The only real issue I had other than him being a wiggle worm is learning how to use my camera in manual mode. Either pictures were slightly out of focus or over exposed in some manner. Oh well. I used my time to read about things, and attempt to learn that way, but yea, I can’t read. Plus I learn by experience. I keep saying that I need to get serious about it and try to do it more, but remember I said that I have the attention span of a goldfish and a fly. Plus, I get frustrated pretty fast when I cannot get something right. One of these days I will enroll in a class and learn to have fun with it and make a photo out of anything. One day. When it’s warm and not 40 degrees outside.

These are a few I’ve taken:


And tonight we had a beautiful moon: