Fourty and Fabulous…. Question-mark?

“Did you know that your website address was misspelled?”

In true trending meme fashion…

First of all…ain’t nobody aks you.

Yes, I said/typed aks! Yes, I know it’s misspelled. I know the spelling of 40 is forty.

“Well, if it’s spelled forty, why is yours fourty?”

There’s a rhyme and reason to that there. Think about the focus of the site. It’s a site about a group of girls women who blog and are at the turning point of 40 or on our way. All different stages of life… all with varying experiences at life… hitting the point where we are getting comfortable in our own skin, situations, or whatever hand life has dealt to us. Some of us, namely myself, are flawed in some way. We all have something that we are working on or need to work on. It’s about self realization and acceptance, hence the almost. Since we, collectively, are almost there and have flaws, so does the word in the url. Plus when I was thinking of this site, I went to Google and there were a few blogs and shops with similar names. This is also why the main image is the number 40 instead of spelled out.

“Where did the name come from to begin with?”

Well, if you know me, you know I lovelovelove Sex & The City. I had an obsession with the show ever since I discovered it while on a week long trip to New York City in June 1999. The very first episode I saw was the one where Miranda goes to the comedy club with her date who she finds out is married. I can’t think of the exact episode right now, but it will come to me. Anyhow, I’ve been hooked since. I actually started binge watching it last week. Anyway, there is an episode called “They shoot single people, don’t they?” where Stanford’s boyfriend pegs Carrie for a article/photo shoot about single fabulous New Yorkers. Well, she ends up being up all night out with the girls and gets to the shoot and they ended up using the test shots with her coffee and cigarette for the cover of the magazine. Which perfectly illustrates how I feel at times. Especially when I need to run to the store or something.


They purpose of this blog is to turn that question mark into an exclamation point and I am working on that. It is sometimes a question mark, sometimes it is a period, sometimes it is a question mark followed by an exclamation point, yet ending in a question mark. But, eventually, I would like to turn it into this > !!!!!

“Why Carrie Bradshaw?”

Because she was a mess on the inside. On the outside she was fucking fabulous…. with the exception of the season where she had awful hair. Her clothes were questionable to some and not everyone’s taste, but she didn’t care. And her shoes!!! You really didn’t know how not in order her life was until it came time to buy her apartment from Aiden when he left her. But, she got that ass together quickly… eventually marrying BIG. (I’m going to stop there, because they should have stopped there and not had the second movie.)

I’ll end this post with a Carrie quote:






And my favorite saying is…. “If you have to ask then….”