About “Almost Fabulous At 40!”

Well, if you haven’t yet started reading, Almost Fabulous at 40! is a blog. It’s really more of a collection of blog posts by several people. This collection of perspectives and self improvements are meant to inspire others who may be going through similar situations. The really interesting thing is what you see us write are improvements and changes currently in progress and not of “This is what I did.”

Who are these people? Head over to the Who We Are page for more information. Majority of us turned or are turning 40 in 2017. 1977 was a great year… (and 1976 was a great year for many of our parents, if you know what I mean.) Now, notice that I said majority of us are 40, meaning there are a couple who are early 80’s babies. So while some of us are there and still trying to get ourselves together, there are a few that are younger that hope to have most if not all of their fabness in place before they get there. Lucky them. 

This site/blog is the brainchild of Kakuna, who reached out to various friends for help in its construction. Most chosen had two things in common: imperfection of some sort and we all went to high school together here in Chicago, so everyone was familiar with the teenage versions of one another. Although we are all about the same age, life has taken us in many different direction. There are a few of us that don’t know the others at all, which makes this even better.

Matter of fact, this is how they were propositioned:

“Ok as some of you all may have gotten an invite from me for a Facebook page titled “Almost Fabulous at 40.” I haven’t developed it yet, but I already started on the other side which is almostfabulousatfourty.com. it’s basically a blog about things and changing I was inspired to make upon reaching the milestone. I mean, I know, i have 12 years to 40 …. But that’s just the title… and it’s misspelled on purpose…. because I am ALMOST and I am currently flawed. I’m not quite where I want/need to be yet.

When I came up with the idea in like April, my birthday, etc had already passed, so some things deal with the past and how they made me into the person I am today…. it was also supposed to be a collective of several people at the same age, yet all having their own hangups and being in different stages of life. Some of you are married. Some not. Some divorced. Some have grown married kids cough Danae cough. Some of us are newer parents. So there is a lot of variation of how things work out in life…. But I’m about sure we all have improvements that we want to make. Things about ourselves that we want to improve on…. blah blah blah.

Now based on reading various statuses, etc by yall… a few of us write similarly (how we talk amongst people we are familiar with)…. But I see interesting writing to say the least.

Again, the site is almostfabulousatfourty.com

Hopefully, I’ll get some takers.

To keep this from being a book, I want to know if anyone out there would like to blog on there from time to time. It can be about whatever is making you almost or completely fabulous… tangents are welcome to… you are free to read what I’ve done in the past week to get a feel of what I mean. If you’re interested, let me know. I already paid for 2 years so I’m not asking for money. If it gets popular for whatever reason I’ll get the info I need to put ads for revenue to pay for other things, who knows….”

And a few of them bit!