Who we are


Who // Kakuna
About // Born and raised in Chicago in 197x. Mother to Kroix. College graduate. Almost Grad School Graduate. I travel. I eat. I sleep. I buy shit. I’m sarcastic. I watch reality TV.



Who // Danae
About // Grew up on the Southside of Chicago. She took on the diversities that the city threw at her by changing it from the inside. She worked full-time while earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Danae currently works for a small law firm in downtown Chicago, spends a considerable amount of time volunteering with the homeless, while diligently working on the craft of writing.





Who // Renee
About // College graduate, Senior Mortgage Loan Processor. Married 21 years, mother of 3 handsome young men, 1 beautiful young lady, and Grandmother to a spirited girl named Londyn. I love to chill and drink wine!




Who // Leigh
About // 
I am the light that illuminates the answers to everything that you need to know. I am a 30 40 year old mother of two. I like long walks in the park. I’m lying. I have allergies. I do like sex on the beach tho. You choose how to take it. I will do things to your mind that you will wish you had the strength to deny. I also like doing hoodrat shit with my friends. And I love the Alabama Crimson Tide.